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How to Choose a Reliable and Quality Explainer Video Company

Whether you want explainer videos, commercial videos, or training videos for your business and staff, you want high-quality and reliable people making them. You can search for explainer video companies and get a hundred different results off of Google, but which ones are the best? A quality video is crucial because it can help with so many different types of marketing. It will help with press coverage since many journalists tend to watch videos rather than read the text on your website. If your video is top notch and provides excellent information about what your business does and produces, the coverage you get will be much more positive. Videos also help with the SEO of your site, but in order to be effective, it has to be a good video. If it’s true that good marketing can overcome bad products, just think of what you can do with good marketing and good products. If training videos can help give your staff the information they need to be outstanding employees, then you need to give them the best tools you can. One way to do this is through knowing what good training videos should look like.

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Five Ways to Know If an Explainer Video Company Is Producing Quality Work

When you’re browsing through explainer video websites like Explainer Videos in Melbourne or Tsuki in Sydney, you know that they can produce high-quality training videos for your staff because they follow five simple guidelines.

1. Not every video is a walkthrough.

Walkthroughs are important to have, but if all the training videos you receive are walkthroughs, they can get boring fast. For training videos, it’s important for your employees to know how the products work and how to perform the services well, but there are more entertaining and gripping ways to instil that than step-by-step explanations in video form.

2. They keep the message short and to the point.

Training videos will obviously be longer than commercial videos that are meant to draw in customers, but that doesn’t mean you should bore your employees and staff by making them sit through videos that reiterate the same point three times in different ways just to make the video longer. The most common complaint about training videos is that they’re boring. Try Lumeo, a company in Brisbane who specialises in entertaining animated videos that add a spark to any type of explainer video.

3. Message wrap-up.

Most training videos that have a call to action at the end are more effective in summarising what was said in the video. The call to action also helps the viewers to know exactly what they’re supposed to do. If you’re watching an OSHA video on workplace safety, they generally end with a call to action or a reminder about what to do in case of a safety emergency. Likewise, your custom training videos should include a reminder or call to action about products and services. If a video doesn’t have this, it can make it feel incomplete. A strong finish will round out a video and make it more professional.

4. Video and Script Quality.

The last thing that you should look for in quality explainer video companies is actual video and script quality. The training videos you get from an explainer video company shouldn’t look like they were filmed in someone’s basement with a handheld recorder. Also, the script should flow well and obviously be written by a competent writer. You can have the best acting and animation, but if the video quality and script quality are poor, then buy your training videos elsewhere.

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