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Video vs. Text: How to Help Your Business Thrive

Is text or video the best way to market your business or your business products and services? The answer is both, but they must work together or else neither of them will help your business thrive. If you want to market your business online, the first step isn’t video, it’s a website. Once you have a sleek website that is easy to navigate and has plenty of information, then it’s time to think about what videos you can do for your company. An explanation video is usually what companies want, and an explanation video is exactly what it sounds like; it explains a product or a service that a company offers so that potential customers become informed or understand what is being sold.

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The company isn’t the one that makes these videos though; they’re made by other companies that exist solely to provide explanation videos for different businesses for marketing and advertising. They’re spread out all over the world, but the major companies and the most well-known companies are in large cities in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney hold at least three large explainer video companies that are widely used.

Explanation Video Can Be Used By Your Company in Several Ways

You can use explanation videos for training purposes. Video isn’t just a tool for marketing; it’s also a method of instruction for training employees. We’ve probably all had to view some sort of training video in our lives, some good, some bad, but video is still a tried and true approach to instilling information. If you already have training videos for your staff, consider updating them for a more modern and engaging viewing experience.

Another way explanation video can be used by your company is to market different services and products. This is the most common use for explanation videos. They can be used to market new goals that the company has set, or new policies. They can also be used to market a new line of products or services. Either way, once you get the videos, you can use them to draw new people to your business. Explanation videos are also helpful in conveying messages or company changes to all the branches of your corporation. If your business has multiple locations, the fastest way to introduce changes or new company goals is by having an explanation video made and distributed to all the different branches.

Explanation videos are very versatile and there are so many ways that a company can use them. The key to their success is that they offer just enough information in a creative way to engage viewers positively and make them want to come back for more information. They can be used in business to business, business to community, and business to individual marketing, and the videos themselves can be set up in different ways too. Explanation videos are the ultimate fusion of audio, text, and visual, and they create a dynamic tool for online marketing that companies can’t afford not to use.

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