Explainer videos Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Explainer Videos Get Businesses Up and Running in Creative and Engaging Ways

Explainer videos are making a big slash on the internet. This new marketing revolution is built on a foundation of companies that create short videos for your business website in order to draw customers in. These companies are based all around the world and the internet, but some well-known companies have home bases in large cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Explainer videos were created based on the fact that over half of the people on the internet regularly watch humorous videos every day. The idea was that if businesses could make their own creative and engaging videos advertising their services and products, people would spend more time on their websites and be more inclined to buy from their company. The average viewer of a business website is on the page for about fifty seconds. If there is an engaging or funny video to watch, that time could potentially increase to six minutes.

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How to Find a Company to Make Your Video

You can find video making companies online, and in fact, many of them are based out of Australia. Melbourne and Brisbane are the home location of two well-known explainer video companies called Explainer Videos and Lumeo. Shop around online until you find a company that you think will best fit your style and services, then contact them for information about how much a video would cost depending on what’s in it, and how long you want it to be. Most of the sites will have videos for you to preview so that you can get a feel for what style of animation they have and how they generally deliver your business information through video. It’s easy to find a company to make explainer videos for you and your business website, all you have to do is look.

How Will Explainer Videos Make Your Company Grow?

You might think that you can market your company just fine by yourself or with your usual marketing team, but the best marketing for today’s tech-savvy businesses is on the web, and you should be prepared to market in a way that reaches net users. Videos are the way to go if you want to sell your business products and services on the internet, there’s just no other way to get your message across in a clear, concise way that is entertaining and doesn’t require the viewer to read through all of your web pages. If you’re familiar with internet culture, you will know that if text is too long, people won’t read it. They prefer to watch it in a video, and the funnier it is, the more likely it will become known by other internet users. Unfortunately, not every business is capable of producing an entertaining and concise video about their services and products, because they’re much better at running their business. That’s why it’s important to seek companies like Explainer Videos in Brisbane, because they know how to market your company in a way that is clear, summative, and engaging. Videos make your webpage more noticeable, and sites with videos are 53% more likely to be on the first page of a Google search.

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