What makes an effective explainer video? Well, it’s a few things…..But let’s start with three.
Problem – Solution – Call to Action. These three things should form the structure of all explainer videos.

Lets run through them. First Highlight the problem your prospect is experiencing. Next, provide your ‘easy’ solution. Then finish by telling your prospect what to do next (CTA). You now have the basic structure of an effective explainer video. Now, wrap it up in an engaging digital story and you will have a marketing tool that speaks directly to your prospect in a language that they understand.

Check out some of our examples below, then let us know which Video Option you think will best engage your prospects and turn them into customers.
Client: Microsoft
Video Option: Explainer Pro

​“Awesome work on the explainer video.  Microsoft said when they saw it for the first time they couldn’t believe how good it was!”
Simon Tyrell – nSynergy

Current teaching platforms are not flexible enough in todays world.

An app that creates a flexible learning environment.

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Client: Green Oak Systems
Video Option: Explainer Motion

“Matt and Ben take a truly collaborative and friendly approach to producing a great video. Given some basic information, I now have an amazing video that I am very happy with.”
Tony – Green Oak Systems​

Overdue bills and direct debits can cost you money.

An app that keeps track of your bills and direct debits.​

Download the app.​

Client: Voice Project
Video Option: Explainer Pro

​“Many thanks for your work with the explainer video. We’re delighted with the outcome, and the process for developing it was very efficient. Great job!”
Peter Langford – Voice Project

Staff ideas and opinions are not heard.

Staff surveys that give them a voice.

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Client: Veda
Video Option: Explainer Motion

​“Thank you Matt and Ben for creating a video that not only perfectly met my brief, but was delivered to a high quality in a short amount of time.  If only all of my business dealings were this seamless and easy!”
Samantha Millward, Veda

Getting ripped off by Tradies.

A report that gives you license details and credit history on Tradies.

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Client: myInterview.com
Video Option: Explainer Pro

​“The team at myInterview.com would like to thank Ben and Matt for their professionalism and expertise in creating two superb explainer videos. From the beginning to the end of the process Ben kept us totally in the loop and nothing was ever too much effort.”
Benjamin Gillman and Guy Abelsohn
Co-Founders of myInterview.com

Resumes don’t show the person behind the paper.

A video interview platform.

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Client: Permission
Video Option: Custom

“Thank you very much for your work on this, and​ for being able to turn it around so quickly!”
Sarah Warmoll – Permission

Engaging customers in the digital landscape is harder than ever.

Unlocking the power of permission.

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Client: BizCover
Video Option: Explainer Pro

“Thank you for your patience and guidance as we navigated the explainer video land for the first time. We are very happy with the result and appreciate you working to our tight timeline’s.”​
Lauren Hill – BizCover

Business insurance is complicated, frustrating and slow.

BizCover find you the best deal.

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Client: Plan Assist
Video Option: Explainer Motion

“I am so glad we commissioned Explainer Videos  for this project. Delivering the script with artistic direction and a voice demo, meant I could clearly visualise the tone of the video from the outset. The final product is professional and maintains the integrity of our brand identity and design.”
Catherine Brown, Marketing Manager @ Plan Assist​

Investing in property can be time consuming and risky.

Plan Assist will mentor you and maximise your return.

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